Sunday, May 27, 2012

Corporate Due Diligence, Introductions, Negotiations and Exit Strategies

We offer the following services, targeted mainly at the International Commodities and Trade Sectors... set fees apply to all services

Corporate Due Diligence Services ....

This service comes in two distinct levels where we can investigate all possible aspects of the company you wish to work with, Corporate registration, Public officers, and links to Banking and Finance.

A complete due diligence can further investigate using a full buyer investigation with reference to our wide and diverse contacts within the International Trade and Commodities Industry.

Introduction to a Major

We can provide an introduction to a major industry company .. we cannot of course guarantee that you will have a successful deal, as this is subject to individual negotiations between the two parties, however if you wish us to use our contacts and our industry expertise we can all offer a negotiation Service

Contract Negotiations

We can negotiate a contract between a verified supplier and a buyer for a set fee ...

Exit Strategies

With our extensive verified buyer contacts within the industry we can provide you with a exit strategy for your product ...

Please contact us ...  for more information or assistance concerning the service we offer.

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