Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You and Blogging

I have been taking a lot of time and attention of the processes that Blogs and on Twitter, users there employ to connect, engage and convert readers.

I have noticed that most Blogs and Twitter feeds (business) are only concerned about serving themselves and seem to care little about attracting and engaging with "readers" with interesting content.

There are others who say this far better than I.

The first is Glen Allsop who writes for, his post

Why Nobody Cares About Your Content (And What to do About it)

I seriously couldn't say it any better myself.

Please take note …. the content of your blog has to matter to me … as a reader .. if it does not matter to me, well the next site is a click away.

I have other suggestions for excellent Marketing sales advice at the blogs of Seth Godin .. in particular the realities of the process at his link Seth Godin and Darren Rowse at true expert at this ... with over 320,000 readers can be found at
and an article of interest from his site about becoming a pro blogger

I would also refer you to the three basic rules of sales blogging, be the expert, the authority a reader is seeking by Attracting Readers, Engaging with them (with content) and Convert these contacts to sales …

I hope that this helps you move forward.

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