Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gold deals for idiots

I really and truly like this link to an example of a fake gold deal ...  in truth .... I have had the same approaches, by people who get so invested in the outcome and more .. to the point that they are blinded by the deal ... which 995 out of 1000 is not real ... for instance in this particular deal, 300,000 mt of gold is a fantasy ... about twice as much gold as is on record as being produced to date, world wide ...

From my point of view as we have access to current annual production statistics per country .. I know what is produced and where .... Oh I cry out for someone who is real ... someone who does due diligence and brings me a real quantity of gold of around one kilo to one or two metric tons of gold per month - but make note ... as a very good friend of mine says ... Google is not a due diligence tool ... it's only a starting point ....

You know gold is worse than oil for attracting the worst kind of criminals and those who actually are real spend most of our time trying to cut through the bull ... these days it takes usually all of 60 seconds ... as soon as someone talks about a stupid quantity, an stupid quantity, or a FOB deal or a guarantee instrument ... I hit the delete button.

Do watch this one ..... here. ... I hope you understand that this is not how you do a gold deal or a oil deal or any deal.

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