Monday, November 22, 2010

How not to do a Oil deal ..

This is an interesting breakdown of how not to do an oil deal, ladies and gentlemen, if you are more than two away from a buyer or a seller mandate the likely hood of a close is very, very low.

A couple of other points to remember (1) Verify everything you are told, because even ethical operators are told lies - I say this because if you take someone to a buyer or a seller and they are not real, you will only hurt your credibility and your future - this is a serious business and brokers who do not invest in verifying their leads are bad for the business (2) once you have been in the game a while you will know who is real and who isn't .. if someone is open, transparent, ethical and honest stick with them even if they currently are not direct, they will be, if your contact, no matter who he or she is lies to you .... then save yourself a lot of grief and walk away.

Please see the Video as attached from a good friend of mine...

Mate, thanks very much for the time you put into this.

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