Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Google - Was it Hubris or Hype ?

Google Vice President, Linus Upson, recently told The New York Times that when (?) the Chrome OS deploys, some 60% of all businesses could get rid of Windows for good and switch to Chrome overnight.

I think this article below gives a balanced look and asks some pertinent questions about this revelation which seems to be full of hype about the second coming.

If the following report here from Renee Oricchio is any indication –

I think that Google has a problem. It’s called arrogance! or in this case one might even be called hubris, for your information this word is defined as “ being out of touch with reality and overestimating one’s own competence or capabilities ”

If you don’t believe arrogance can fell an empire, just go back and study World War I. or for a more recent cautionary tale, look at Wall Street over the past couple of years and the resulting Global Financial meltdown.

I regard Google as a very good resource, however the idea of cloud computing from a risk management point of view is a nightmare waiting to happen …. cloud storage as part of a strategy yes, but as a end in itself, no thanks definitely not at the moment. There are way too many points of failure within the access path and when there is a failure within the network or with Google, what exactly would you have left of your business ?

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