Monday, August 23, 2010

Election Outcome in Australia

The Australian people have spoken… a truly great response…

The Federal election result may not be clear for another week or so. We are in a moment of hiatus… with the government of yesterday without a majority –  Labor cannot rule in their own right,… however if Labor can win 73 seats, the same number as the Coalition, Gillard (Labor) most likely would form a minority government –  however I am sure the coalition is working with the same action plan.

What is also very clear is that Australian people got it right: neither Labor nor the Coalition deserve to govern in their own right.

The real winners in the election are the Australian people, as with a minority government –  whoever gets in power as with the recent election in the UK… they have to share power and by this, they have to be accountable not only to the Australian people, but to other people who are not controlled by the respective party machines.

We need to bear in mind that the actuality of a minority government of either variety will be good for Australia or even operationally possible is another matter. In my view those who argue minority government will work well might be right, but personally I cannot see how such a fantasy can work in the real world, there will always come a time, when something important to one side will break or severely damage the relationship, and then we end up with no effective government… but whatever happens, whoever forms the next government, no one has a mandate to rule.

The problem, the campaign has been dominated by the lowest common denominator .. all negatives… we had no statesman like approach to this election or to governing the country.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could take a politician to the Federal Court and accuse them of fraud, when they say something before an election, and then do not go through with it… good thing actually it would make people face up to the truth, and hopefully act in an ethical and honourable manner… instead of lies, spin and expediency.

However one thing that has come out of this election is that the former Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, this campaign’s tragic figure is now politically dead and buried. I wonder if he will have the good grace to remove himself… in my view, it maybe that the only reason he appeared to support Labor in the later period of the election campaign was that he had done a deal… his future is now less certain.

Strange we have had Latham (why was he even in the picture this time around).. then Rudd… on the conservatives side we have Abbott –  they have one thing in common – they are flawed… the quality of the leaders that we are generating within Australia –  needs intervention to try and foster real leadership, not spin.

The ethics of the Labour leadership, with the co-operation of Gillard to politically assassinate an elected Prime Minister removes any higher ground from the Labor leadership … it shows their true colours.. that they are not there for the Australian people but for their own agenda… and the Australian people have made them pay for it… especially in Queensland and New South Wales.

Are there any real people out there… who care about the Australian people… who are not flawed and corrupted … there is a large majority of people in Australia who are hurting and need help … what they don’t need are flawed policies and hidden agendas, but real social programs… to support all levels and ages within our society.. to live an equitable life.

My view of Politics is that it is the function of the Australian political system to do the best for the Australian people FIRST…. the policies and programs in Australia should be transparent and accountable to the Australian people,, on a day to day basis… for the Australian people…in the last 3 years the Labor party has wasted huge sums of our money on a farcical and flawed insulation program that was so badly managed as to be open to legal recourse, a building program for schools, that ended up on occasion as being so badly costed and with little or no Political and financial oversight… wasting billions… and then of course we have the RSPT.. where the sovereign name and reputation of Australia was brought into question… who are these people..? 

Whatever the outcome the last 3 years have cost Australia … and will continue to cost whoever gets into power.

I am sure that the Coalition has its own stories they want to bury as well…

My message to the political parities (They are not our leaders after all) … Wake up… and act in your citizens interest instead of your own.. lets hope the future is better than the past…

Some areas that need to be focused on are programs to support Australia, the focus of defence should be brought into a reality… and cut, so should programs to support Papua New Guinea government, except for programs that support the people of foreign lands to help themselves, including education and specific targeted programs we need to nurture the future.  Stop writing blank cheques to the detriment of Australians.

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