Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Recently we were approached by a contact to engage with a company called Clavneftgas... a supposed supplier of Russian refined fuel product of both Airplane fuel (Jet A, JP54) and Diesel (D2 low sulphur).

After sending us a contract, we proceeded, it was signed and returned. Then for weeks no response .... the mandate was very difficult and uncommunicative (as well the direct connection was via a biased and gullible contact), we received the contract back with changes from the one we sent them, namely the addition of upfront fees. We were supposed to receive partial POP after signing the contract, my buyer mandate and buyer are still waiting.

This seller is Clavneftgas (www.clavneftgas.ru) is a fake.  The mandate (no authority documents provided) is a Mr. Paul Mataras of San Francisco, operating via a company called HPMF Inc  My view he is either part of the problem, or incredibly naive, gullible and trusting. In either case I would say I will not be engaging with either again.

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