Friday, June 25, 2010

Australian Political Reality

The fact that Julia Gillard is now the first Australian Women Prime Minister is a momentous event for Australia… one that I predicted all the while Rudd & Swan kept on shooting themselves in the feet through their non-consultative approach to leading the country – with the final nail being the RSPT. Even today Rudd seemed to be in shock.

Julia Gillard maybe if she and more pertinently the Labour party does not self-destruct between now and the next election the first elected woman Prime Minister. That would be great, that Australia could elect a Prime Minister, representative of the majority of Australians (by sex).
Now if only they could find a decent treasurer who had some practical knowledge of Macro and Micro Economics with some out of the box original thoughts and the gravitas to deliver them Labour might have a good team.

So Political reality is here… hopefully the Coalition may take the opportunity to refresh their current loosing team, but they won’t… they need to lose the election first …. lose the opportunity again … before they try and sort through the the very few quality leaders they have to choose from.

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