Monday, March 1, 2010


Google How long is your memory…?

Not that long ago, Google presented itself as being the Internet Search engine to end all search engines… and at that time it was true, but no more… now they are into hardware, phone, laptops, and software of course… in the past Google cried wolf about how much power Microsoft had… its reach into software and on the net…

Is anyone else concerned about one company having such a all powerful position – with a possible errant piece of code it would have us all at their mercy… perhaps they do already ? do you think that it is arrogance on their behalf, perhaps they feel entitled…  to rule the Internet technology world..?

I don’t believe in putting all my eggs in on basket and hence whilst I have used Google and Bing mainly… I will not use anything else from Google… I wonder if they are getting to the point where they might become targets for monopoly / anti-trust suite – I certainly think if they are not know … it sure won’t be too far away…   then Microsoft can relax with the shoe firmly on the other foot.

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