Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Progress ? or Not....

To me…. we are now over a year from the initial dimensions of the Worldwide Financial credibility issues ?

So lets spend the next week or so completing the analysis of where we are sector by sector…  back soon

Also lets look at the hypothesis … which I speak about to almost anyone who will listen…
If you are a Public or Private company generally you operate in the ultimate interests of your shareholders…..

My view is that if you are a Government operating as ALL government say they do for all their citizens (very few do) then there should be a similarity there that the shareholders , the investors, the capital providers of a country are their citizens… now how many government operate to the best enhancement of all their citizens ?

Australia doesn’t, neither does the USA, not any of the G8 / G20 do…. basically …. a very few countries aim towards such a ethic…and maybe less than 10 actually approach this.

What happens is the people who need the help most, the marginalised, those with the smallest voice in the political process are the ones that are ignored….. the greater this becomes, the more likely this will lead to political turmoil and possible ultimate overthrow of these oppressive governments … by peaceful means (hopefully), however once a large enough percentage of the population are thus marginalised…  action will come from those who have nothing to lose….  one of the biggest all time robber baron industries in the world today is the Private Medical systems in the USA…. where a friends recently had a fall spent a few hours as a Out-patient at hospital, was given a aspirin at the grand cost of USD$25…. wow… it brings to mind those days… not so long ago when the freedom of information reports brought up a costs of a hammer at over $100…. Yeah sure….

So how do we achieve social, financial and political equity for those members of our society…. that have no money…. the action has to be political…. just as it was in the USA in the 1770’s…. I am not suggesting armed conflict, civil unrest or war or any other process that pits neighbour against neighbour – and turns them into your enemy (in the USA with the ease of guns supply and itchy trigger finger in many parts of the USA it is a sure indicator of civil war) as citizens who with built up resentment who do not want any of their hard won rights eroded.  Surely political change must take time… and primarily be about education, and the realisation that everyone needs to share in a countries good fortune… in the various town main streets throughout America, who have little, now have almost nothing thanks to the cowboys on Wall street, which though I do believe that Bill Clinton's political policies were by and large far superior to any of his peers, his financial policy such as the repeal of the Glass -Steagal act is in my view the single worst political act that opened the flood gate to this current economic disaster… Hey … but you can get it all right…. but it would be nice for the world if he had been firm on this one particular decision… and not repeal this act.

So where do we go from here, with Obama in the white house, another democrat… what has his influence been, what will it be…this is something I have to catch up on… as I moved a few months ago, and still have to install Television, I only miss the balanced political reports …(OK.. so I have also miss a couple of entertainment TV series that amuse me as well)  I need to absorb a balanced view of the world… in the absence of TV this is achieved by lots of emails, Skype. the Internet News… a sometime poor substitute to well anchored political commentary… etc etc….but I need to bite the bullet and install TV otherwise I will not be able to comments on this for the future…

Well ladies and gentlemen, its almost 5.30am in the morning, way past my time to get some sleep.

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